JANDD X Ritchey Up-cycled Banner Small Hip Pack

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At Ritchey we had a unique problem of what to do with our used trade show banners. Rather than toss them aside, we decided to contact our friends at legendary mountaineering company, Jandd, to turn our banners into something useful: Fanny Packs. 

Each fanny pack is unique, featuring a specific section of banner ensuring no two packs are the same. When you order a pack you will receive a randomly chosen pack that could be either vinyl or canvas material and of random coloring. 

Jandd Small Fanny Packs also utilize the time-tested banana shape that started the fanny pack phenomenon almost two decades ago. Both have 1.5" waist belts, dual zipper heads on a storm-flapped, heavy-duty zipper, and a flat storage pocket on top.

Volume: 318 ci/ 5 ltr
Weight: 7.7 oz/ 220 g
Dimensions: 4.5 x 12.5 x 4.75 (in)
11 x 32 x 12 (cm)
Material:Up-Cycled Vinyl or Canvas Banner